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When is the right time to update to a modern phone system?

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2025 is the year of the ISDN switch off, so if you’re not prepared to modernise your business phone system, you could be left behind.


Doing nothing is not always the best option.


It’s very easy to make a case for updating your organisation’s IT system.  The latest operating systems will be faster and smarter.


Updating your IT network will make it more efficient, while the latest software will bring new features.  Moving forwards is usually the best direction, but often the business phone system is left overlooked.


Various reasons are often cited for this reluctance:


  • Updating to a new phone system will be expensive
  • Changing will cause widespread disruption to the business
  • It will add complexity to existing processes
  • Time will need to be invested in considerable staff training
  • Employees are familiar with existing phone systems
  • Adopting new technology is a leap into the dark
  • The organisation is managing well with the current phone system


Remaining with an outdated phone system could mean that your organisation is missing out on efficiency gains.  It could also be restricting employee productivity and having an adverse impact on customer service.  It could also be costing you more than is necessary.


Why SIP is more cost effective than ISDN


One of the key benefits is that SIP offers a number of cost savings.


  • IP connectivity is less expensive than ISDN with lower call costs
  • Internal calls between extensions and sites are often free
  • Line rental is also lower
  • If calls need to be rerouted due to a disaster, there are no call forwarding charges


There is much scope for additional cost savings with SIP.  Converging voice and data onto a single connection also reduces infrastructure complexity, reduces time spent on managing networks and increases efficiency.  By deploying SIP trunking, organisations can rationalise their hardware estate by reducing the number of PBXs and/or ISDN lines.


These cost savings can bring competitive advantages to your organisation as you are able to offer enhanced services at little or no extra cost.


Moving to SIP trunking is easier than you think


Moving to SIP trunking is not taking a leap into the unknown.  The technology is tried and tested and is being used by thousands of organisations of all sizes across the UK.


Nor is it expensive – you can use your existing resources.


SIP is compatible with a wide range of PBXs, so it’s highly unlikely that your organisation would need to invest in additional hardware to gain the many benefits of SIP.  IP connectivity can be provided via an existing broadband or Ethernet connection.


A SIP trunking solution can be set up with minimal disruption to your business – there is no need to wait weeks for lines to be installed or systems to be configured.


There’s no need to wait.  Find out more today


We’re here to ensure you’re always Smarter through Technology.

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