IP CCTV Solutions by Fifteen Group

CCTV systems provide round the clock security

Are you looking for peace of mind that your business premises is being monitored?

Adequately protect business premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and have access to the CCTV surveillance from any device, wherever located.

Pegasus Fire and Security is a division of Fifteen Group Limited. We advise, install and support expert CCTV systems that are of the highest quality, making your business not only smarter but more secure. Together with Intruder alarms and Fire Alarms, CCTV provides the complete security solution for your business.

External CCTV Cameras with Fifteen Group

We supply high quality HikVision CCTV equipment to businesses operating within any sector.

We advise, install and support expert CCTV systems that are of the highest quality and make your journey to better security a smooth one.

We are always to working to make businesses Smarter through Technology and with Fifteen Group’s CCTV solutions, you are not only smarter but more secure.

Our Range of CCTV Products

Network Video Recorders

Connect to your computer network and record CCTV footage from the network cameras. Manage IP camera systems via existing computers and IT hardware.

Network Cameras

Protect people, property and assets with high performance IP CCTV cameras that deliver outstanding quality.


Receive great performance and cover a wider area than standard fixed network cameras. Tilt and zoom, all with great detail.

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