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We’ve been Acquiring and Investing in Companies for over 13 years

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Introducing Fifteen Holdings Limited …



Don’t worry Fifteen Group isn’t changing, but our holding company name has.


Let us explain.


Since 2006, Fifteen Group has been on a journey.


A hugely rewarding journey that has resulted in what we have today; a technology solutions provider encompassing a variety of different technologies that work to make businesses across the UK, Smarter through Technology.


Up until the start of this year, the holding company that acquires and invests in companies to form what we know today, was known as Borthwick Adams Limited.  This didn’t really reflect the structure at the top of the company, since John Borthwick had left his role as a Director in 2016.  It was therefore felt that a change was long overdue.


So, at the start of 2019, we made the change from Borthwick Adams to Fifteen Holdings, which best represented the Company Shareholders, Rob Adams, Mark Adams and Ian Walker.


Our most recent investment was in October 2018, when Pegasus Fire and Security joined the line up of companies that have contributed to the depth and range of products and services Fifteen Group now offer, and with a change of name comes a renewed vision:  To continue on the path to further growth and ensure that when businesses work with Fifteen Group, they’re always Smarter through Technology.


Find out more information on Fifteen Holdings here




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