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Twas the season to be supported by Fifteen Group!

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The technical support that Fifteen Group provides never waivers.  Even if that support is required at a time of year when many companies try and switch off.


Because we understand that if our clients are open over the festive period, having easily accessible technical support is essential, so they’re able to keep on operating as demand for their products soars.

2018 will be our eighth year of delivering the full technology turnkey solution to Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs).  This expert solution comes with helpdesk support that store members can access whenever they experience a technical issue.

On Christmas Eve, calls started to flood in from the Taco Bell stores that we support, regarding a problem with their system.  The stores contacted our helpdesk after they had experienced some major technical problems, and our helpdesk team were quick to respond by making contact with a third party supplier to the stores, where we quickly established that this was global problem.

We ensured that, while the stores were continuing to trade on Christmas Eve, continuous updates were given.  Once trading resumed on Boxing Day, the third party supplier in question was once again contacted by Fifteen Group’s helpdesk whereby a temporary solution had been created.

To get the stores back up and running, we remotely made contact with the stores on behalf of the third party supplier and made the necessary changes.  We implemented the changes to each Taco Bell Store we were responsible for by 2pm on Boxing Day, ensuring any impact to the operational efficiency of each store was minimised.  We remained on hand to provide any further technical assistance if it was required.

It is of paramount importance that the stores within the QSR sector maintain a high level of operational efficiency and are able to meet the demands of their customers during peak times and across seasonal times of the year.  Fifteen Group’s technical support means they’re able to do just that.

With Fifteen Group, the QSR sector is always Smarter through Technology


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