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It’s Time to put IT Security at the Top of the Agenda

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We’re thrilled to announce ESET as our new technology partner.

With products designed to offer maximum security, Fifteen Group can now take your IT security to another level.


Who are ESET and what can Fifteen Group now bring to your organisation?

ESET bases their high level of protection on more than 25 years of research.

Their security solutions allow businesses and consumers in more than 200 countries and territories to make the most of the digital world.

Data is a critical part of every single organisation, no matter what size or sector they operate in and with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), it is now a legal requirement to show you have taken the necessary measures to protect it.

Putting data at risk leads to a loss of control, productivity and confidence.  It can also lead to huge fines.

The products we offer in partnership with ESET are a range of IT security solutions that significantly reduce the chance of suffering from a security breach.



Operating a flexible workforce brings its own data protection challenges.  Employees are often on the move, on and off public transport and travelling from meeting to meeting.

When data travels or is transmitted beyond the corporate network, it is most at risk.  From as little as £3.50 per device, businesses can be assured that their data is secure and protected.

  • Full Disk Encryption
  • Removable Disk Encryption
  • File & Folder Encryption
  • Email Encryption


Mobile Security

Protect the company’s mobile fleet with mobile security solutions.  Lost or stolen devices are locked immediately and no data on the device can be accessed.  Users are spared unwanted calls and SMS messages and security polices can be implemented across all devices.

  • Endpoint Protection
  • Device Security
  • Anti-Theft


Secure Authentication

Make access to your data secure.  Set up a two-factor authentication in just 10 minutes, reducing the risk of data breaches, caused by stolen, weak or compromised passwords.

Have unique passwords for each access

  • Protects against poor password practices
  • Saves costs – no additional hardware needed


Today’s malware is dynamic and often targeted and it requires a multi-layered approach based on pro-active and smart technologies.


A partnership with ESET means we are able to offer a high level of IT security to organisations across the UK.


Being Smarter through Technology begins with high level data security.

Contact a member of our team today.

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