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The way we provide your broadband is changing …

The 2025 PSTN switch off is well documented, but just in case you’ve been burying your head in the sand a little bit (and we don’t blame you) we thought we’d provide a recap.  This is especially important because it’s goodbye PSTN and hello full fibre.

The rollout has begun

Now we’re into 2023, it’s really not that far away now and Openreach has been rolling out their work on preparing exchanges across the UK, so full fibre connections will deliver consistent, faster and more reliable connectivity for everyone.

So, what does the PSTN switch off mean for your business and how will it benefit your business?

The traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) has been inadequate for some time now.  It’s made from copper, so it has become fragile over time and doesn’t serve the needs of modern businesses anymore.

The time of the switch off may be 2025 but because every copper connection can’t be replaced simultaneously the withdrawal of copper services and migration to full fibre has started already in many exchange areas.

So, it’s definitely time to make sure your business is prepared. It is nothing to fear though.  It’s time to embrace the change and take advantage of all the business benefits.

Historically, telephone lines used for voice have been used by placing the broadband service onto these lines, with people paying for a line rental and their broadband service which sits on top.

This is switching around so that the line will be broadband only (SoGEA and Fibre to the Premises broadband only services) and then if the voice service still needs to be provided, this will now be placed on top as an application called Voice over IP (VoIP).

So, what is Voice over IP (VoIP) and how can it benefit me and my business?

With VoIP systems, all business phone calls will be made over the internet.  It uses an IP based solutions and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) technology.

VoIP telephony offers a more productive and cost-effective future for your business communications.  It is flexible, reliable, easy to maintain and scalable – great for remote or hybrid workforces.

VoIP solutions allow a business to connect a team to each other, its customers, supplier anytime, from any device and from anywhere.  Other benefits are:

  • Scalable – Add more employees as your business grows
  • Flexibility – Have the same phone number, whether in the office or working remotely
  • Cost effective – A VoIP solution offers a high quality service but at a lower price than more traditional services
  • Fast and robust – Together with superfast internet capabilities, VoIP is incredibly reliable with most issues quickly and easily resolved
  • Call management features – There are a wealth of features including voicemail, hold music and auto attendant
  • Powerful integrations – Have call management across your team together with the potential to integrate email, browsers and instant messaging
  • Business continuity – Ensure your business and communication with your customers is protected against unexpected events.


It’s time to make the switch to full fibre and SoGEA, so you can take advantage of all these benefits without the switch off impacting your business. 


Talk to a member of the team today – we’ll take you through all the options and provide you with all the information you need to know.

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