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Why the phone is still important to your business

People like to talk.  They always have and they always will.  Other means of communication may be available, but nothing can replace the personal touch and the reassurance a customer can get from making a phone call.

Effective communication is essential in any business.  It aids decision making, builds relationships with customers and suppliers and allows employees from different departments to interact with each other.


When the problem is urgent, people pick up the phone.

That is why the phone is still regarded as the primary means by which matters can be resolved quickly and efficiently.  If a fault with one of your products or services directly impacts on your customer’s business then a phone call is an essential means to get some resolution.  Callers can also alert a company to problems that can potentially affect a wide number of its customers.  For example, if something is wrong with the website, then a call highlighting the problem is an opportunity to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Speaking to someone is reassuring.

When the problem is complex or you’re trying to arrange a convenient time to meet, email can go back and forth.  With a phone call, questions can be answered and issues can be resolved, sometimes, in a matter of minutes.

A phone number provides credibility.

When your business has reached a new audience, a phone number provides assurance that you are a credible company and there is always an immediate point of contact should the need arise.

Understand your customers preferred choice of communication.

If a large proportion of business is done over the phone, does the system you have in place support that method of communication and is it effective?  Being able to measure the performance of your telephone system puts the business in a better position to be able to make any changes, where necessary.

It builds strong relationships.

People remember a voice and they remember the way that person helped them.  They may want to speak to that person again next time they have an issue, and they may be so pleased with the personal touch they were given, they’ll provide positive feedback to your business, or even better recommend you to someone else.  In a world where competition is fierce, it’s the relationships you have with your customers that provides the competitive edge and creates loyalty.

It eliminates frustration.

Even if the problem a customer is experiencing, may be an error on the company’s part, by having a point of contact where a customer can discuss their experience eases their frustration.  Both parties can come to a resolution over the phone with a clear process for moving forward.  Being unable to access a phone number from a website or invoice increases frustration levels and damages the perception of the company.  Offering online and offline means of communications enables your customers to choose which is best for them.

It minimises any risk of misinterpretation.

Email can be difficult to diplomatically get a point across and sometimes things that are even said in humour can be interpreted as something else.  A phone call minimises any risk of something being misinterpreted or the customer being misled.  An email is a great follow up tool to confirm the telephone discussion and to send any confidential documents.


We encourage our customers to talk.  When they’re experiencing an IT problem or reporting a fault, a call to one our engineers means their problem is resolved as quickly as possible which in turn keeps any impact on the business to a minimum.  It’s an opportunity to have a chat, to see how things are going.  Sometimes there’s another issue we can help them with, which provides them with an exceptional level of customer service.

If you’re thinking of an upgrade to your telephone system, then let’s get the conversation started.

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