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Your September 2017 Office 365 Update

Office 365 can transform your business and the way it operates.  Every week there are new updates, so to make sure you get the most from it, here are the updates that have been made throughout the month of September.


More streamlined notifications

DLP (Data Loss Prevention) alerts give admins the ability to be notified when documents and emails violate their organisation’s policies with one single notification per incident.


Outlook for Windows

New Users.  When a user starts outlook for the first time or tries to add a secondary account, the experience will be easier and simpler.

Improvements to OneDrive attachment handling.  When you save or drag and drop OneDrive attachments to your computer, the file downloads for you.

A Smarter To: line.  When you click the To: line when addressing the message, Microsoft 365 suggests recipients you’re likely to choose.  You are also able to see their picture, so you can be certain you’re sending to the right person.


Outlook for Android and iOS

Add and edit contacts.  You can now add and edit contacts for Outlook.com and Office 365 accounts.  To create a new contact form from scratch, simply go to the people tab and tap the + sign.

New meetup calendar app.  Connect your apps – Wunderlist, Facebook, Evernote and now meetup to see all your tasks, events and notes in your Outlook calendar.


Microsoft Teams on Android and iOS

Updated to enable users to join their meetings from the mobile app and this includes audio, video and viewing.


One Note Class Notebook

This update allows IT administrators to easily transfer ownership of Class Notebooks to other teachers when required.


Microsoft Bookings

Managing online appointments for small businesses and their customers has now become easier.

In a few steps, a business owner sets up an online booking page which their customers can use to make appointments online 24/7.  This makes scheduling and re-scheduling of appointments simpler whilst helping to reduce the time allocated to these tasks.


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