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Boosting Sales and Engagement through Digital Signage

Companies are always looking for ways to engage with customers and appeal to a wider audience.  Digital signage has a key role to play in conveying the messages companies want their audience to listen to while boosting sales and engagement.  It informs, engages and promotes to customers, employees, and prospects.


Improve the Customer Experience

Digital signage creates a cutting edge feel to an environment and allows a business to showcase products and services throughout the area where customers gather.  We often think of retail space when we look to digital signage, but this solution can be applied to many reception areas, meeting rooms and so on.  It also provides the opportunity for businesses to rotate their messages depending on the time of day, year or to reflect seasonal changes in the product/service ranges.


Build Brand Awareness

Create attention around the company and what it does.  Use digital signage to reinforce what the business stands for and shout about the positive things the company is doing.  Once a customer sees the same messages over and over again, those positive messages are reinforced.


Educate Customers and Employees

Inform customers about the premises they’re visiting and educate them about the history of the company.  Digital signage can also be used to navigate customers around the site and is invaluable at outside events, displaying important health and safety information.  Educating and informing employees of the company is essential and is a great way to engage and inform them across different sites or departments, about what the company is doing and things they can get involved with.


Adapt to Changes with Ease

When a product or service has changed, digital signage can be easily amended to reflect those changes, and informs an audience immediately.  Whatever environment a business operates in, utilise digital signage to communicate those changes immediately.


 Upsell Products and Services

Use digital signage to upsell products and services they may not have previously thought about.  If there is an area where customers often wait before meetings or come to collect items, digital signage can be used to get across the full range of products and services to their audience.  For example, in a GP practice, digital signage can be used to remind people of available vaccinations and simple things they can do to lead a healthier life.  It also communicates other services the practice offers, which in turn reduce the strain on overall resources.


Fifteen Group design, deliver and support digital signage solutions for organisations in many different industry sectors, ensuring they are able to boost sales and engagement through these solutions.

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