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Why you should be standardising your company email footers

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When was the last time you received an email without an email footer, disclaimer and inadequate company information?


Have you recently referred to an email looking for further contact details, but was unable to find any?


It isn’t just company information that should feature in an email footer.  They are there to inform the recipient what they can and can’t do with the email and its contents and also protect the company against any actions of individual employees.


So if you don’t currently have the software in place to standardise all email footers from any device, here are a few reasons why it should be at the top of your priority list:


  1. Confidentiality.  The email footer should clearly state that the email and its contents are only intended for the recipient
  2. Company Information. Including a company registration number, address, phone numbers etc will ensure the vital points of contact are there for the recipient to conveniently access and refer to
  3. Marketing the Company. Including branding, strap lines and social media links to build awareness of the brand and reinforce company identity.  The footer also provides an opportunity to highlight a service or product in the form of a branded banner or graphic
  4. Security of the contents and attachments. The email footer should contain information that the message and any attachments should be checked for viruses and the company accepts no responsibility for any viruses
  5. Avoid misunderstanding. Sometimes an offer can be made, which the sender doesn’t have the authority to make.  Another scenario is when the recipient can assume something contractual has been formed when it hasn’t.  It should be made clear that certain aspects of work, for example cannot be concluded via email
  6. Environmental responsibility. Encourage the recipient to think of the environment and consider whether the printing of the email is absolutely necessary
  7. Protect the company’s integrity. If an employee expresses a personal view or includes something offensive, then clearly outlining that any views expressed in an email do not represent those of the company, protects the integrity of the company’s values


With an Office 365 email signature management service, standardising email footers is simple, cost effective and all centrally managed via the Cloud.  A user is able to:

  • Centrally manage Office 365 signatures via The Cloud from any device
  • Add contact details taken from your Office 365 Directory, guaranteeing that every user has the correct information in their email signature
  • Easily add additional email signature elements like social media icons, promotional banners, legal disclaimers and more

Contact Fifteen Group today about standardising your company’s email footers.

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