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Slow Broadband Slows Your Business Down

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To remain competitive in today’s world, businesses need a fast and reliable internet connection.

Every business is digital, whether you operate in manufacturing, distribution or in the service sector. 

A large part of what any business does relies on an effective and efficient connection to the internet.

Core business functionality can start to suffer when we experience an unreliable connection.

Day to day activities can start to become slow and ineffective.

Simple tasks like accessing important documents can take time and meeting deadlines can become stressful.

Customer service can become poor and negatively impact the perception of the business.

Employee productivity is reduced, leaving workers frustrated at not being able to carry out simple tasks quickly and efficiently.


How important is having a fast and reliable internet speed?

There are specific activities that can become very frustrating to carry out when businesses experience a slow Broadband speed.

  • Dealing with online payments
  • Managing other devices
  • The use of large amounts of data
  • Poor quality of Voice over IP services impacts on an organisation being able to communicate effectively and professionally.

Upload and download speeds need to be fast.

  • Email attachments and images can be uploaded easily and quickly
  • Slowly building pages impacts on productivity
  • Upload work to clients all over the world – quickly
  • Faster connection leads to better focus on everyday business activities.


“The average employee wastes an estimated 15 minutes per day waiting for internet applications

to process due to slow connection speed.”

(Federation of Small Businesses)

Take into consideration the number of employees in your organisation and that can be a significant wastage.


What can be done to improve the speed?

In the short term, a small improvement can be gained by replacing the ADSL filter and the router.

Installation of Fibre Broadband delivers a first class Broadband experience.

If Fibre Broadband is not available in the area, a cost effective, dedicated internet leased line can be installed, backed up by 24/7 monitoring and fault reporting with industry leading Service Level Guarantees.




If you’re not getting the Broadband connection your business needs, don’t let it slow everything down.


“Thank you to Jason and his colleague for solving the mystery of our slow/not running broadband problem that has plagued us over the last 2 weeks…. thank you as always for your support and wisdom.”

Fifteen Group ensure you are always Smarter through Technology.

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