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IT & Cyber Security

Data is a critical part of every single organisation. It’s a business’ greatest asset.

Protecting your business in an evolving landscape

We offer a full range of cyber security solutions designed to ensure your business systems are secure, backed up and strong in the event that a cyber attack happens.

With increasing reports of organisations losing productivity due to viruses, malware and attempts to breach the computer security of network systems, we can provide a comprehensive security solution to all internet security requirements.

So let’s put cyber security at the top of the agenda, because:

More office workers are remotely working

A greater proportion of the workforce is now mobile

Everyone is less secure

Remote working means the need for Cyber Security is higher than ever. Fifteen Group can help

Fifteen Group have the cyber security solutions for you

Businesses have a legal requirement to show they have taken the appropriate measures to protect data, and our comprehensive range of solutions are here to protect the business, its data and its reputation.

Bolster your cyber defence with our range of tailored solutions.

Prevent unauthorised access

Create a defence barrier between trusted and untrusted outside networks

Intrusion Detection

We monitor your networks 24/7

Prevent unauthorised access

Be alerted to unauthorised access

Dormant malware detection

Have continual tracking even after detection

Antivirus and Malware

Have intelligent monitoring to keep viruses, worms, trojans, ransomware and spyware out

Cyber Essentials

Become cyber accredited and show employees, customers and suppliers you take cyber security seriously


Have software and hardware firewall systems that prevent unauthorised access

Access Control

Not every user needs access to all data. Restrict user access and have control over who sees specific data.

Multi Factor Authentication

Make access to your data secure. Set up a two-factor authentication in just 10 minutes, reducing the risk of data breaches, caused by stolen, weak or compromised passwords.

Have unique passwords for each access and protect against poor password practices.

Cyber Policy Reviews

When was the last time you reviewed your cyber security policy? We’ll go through it and make sure it’s up to date and fit for purpose.

All our internet and cyber security solutions can be provided as a tailored package and also in conjunction with our Managed Support Agreements.

Wireless Security

Wireless networks are less secure than wired networks, so you need a solution that ensures this is taken care of. We install products that protect your wireless network.

Cyber Awareness and Training

The greatest threat comes from your own employees. We deliver training so everyone becomes more cyber aware and understands the threat from phishing emails.


Make sure company data is protected at all times and when it leaves the corporate network. Solutions include:

Full Disk Encryption

Removable Disk Encryption

File & Folder Encryption

Email Encryption

Mobile Security

Endpoint Protection

Device Security


Secure Authentication

Being Smarter through Technology means being secure and that starts with our comprehensive range of internet and cyber security solutions.

Are you ready to level up your IT infrastructure, enhance operations and streamline your business?