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Reliable Connectivity Solutions for a Better Customer Experience

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During the last month of 2017, in 10 Taco Bell stores, we handled over 10,000 customer Wi-Fi connections, with no faults or issues reported.

The customer Wi-Fi service we provide to individual stores is reliable, secure and provides connectivity for all to enjoy at their leisure.

Our support to Taco Bell, KFC, Costa Coffee and other leading names in the Quick Service Restaurant industry grew throughout 2017 and during December, the busiest month of the year, we managed the largest amount of connections to date, with no reported faults.

As people around the country shopped for their Christmas gifts, they were also able to enjoy a reliable W-Fi connection in Taco Bell stores as they stopped for a bite to eat.

All taking advantage of connecting with a variety of mobile devices.


When people are on the move, Fifteen Group are able to provide a connection that meets demand.

Customer Wi-Fi is just one part of the total technology solution that we provide to stores across the UK.

Fifteen Group makes Quick Service Restaurants and Coffee Shops Smarter through Technology.

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