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Office 365 Summer Updates

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While we’ve all been (hopefully) sunning ourselves , updates have been made to Office 365.  So to make sure you make the most of the many benefits it provides, here are a few of the important updates.

One Note

Changes have been made to enhance Microsoft products for those with vision or mobility impairments.

The navigation controls are now all in one area on the left hand side of the app.  Users can easily switch between notes and it is now easier to use assisted technologies like screen readers.

One Drive

One Drive Files on Demand has been announced where content can be accessed, whether you’ve downloaded it or not.  When it’s available on Windows 10, it’ll allow a user to access all your files and not just those synced to your PC.

Planner Mobile App

A simple and more visual way to organise teamwork.

This is available for iPhone and Android phones where the plans over the next few months are to add push notifications and feature the ability to create new plans from the app and integrate with Intune.


Achieve more with your email and calendar while you are on the move.  The feature is available on iOS and is coming soon to Android.

Each contact will display key details, so by tapping a phone number, you can choose between calling, messaging or Face Timing.  Planned meetings together with previous conversation threads will all be visible.

Microsoft Stream

On 20th June, Microsoft announced the introduction of Microsoft Stream.  This is designed to be a successor to Office 365 Video and to add intelligence to the way a user interacts with video content.

Speech within the video is transcribed automatically and facial detection has been introduced to help access parts of the video where each person features and to make it easier to jump to specific parts of interest.

Email Security

All emails that are classified as malware from both the Exchange Online Threat Protection and Advanced Threat Protection are effectively blocked and quarantined.  This provides the user with enhanced email security where these type of threats are on the increase.


Work with anyone, at the same time on spreadsheets stored in Sharepoint Online, OneDrive or OneDrive for Business.

With the co-authoring feature, you’ll find it simple to see who is working with you and what changes they’re making.

Other announcements include the general availability of Autosave in Word, Excel and Powerpoint for Office 365 Subscribers.

All changes are stored in the cloud, so you never need to worry about losing any changes you’ve made.

Microsoft Teams

In June, Microsoft announced plans to aid the engagement and strength of professional learning communities.

In August, new updates were released to support these plans.

OneNote Class Notebook in Teams

Students and teachers can view their OneNote Class Notebook in full from their individual teams.  Everyone can stay informed and up to date.  Teachers can access their class work to effectively manage everyone.

Enhanced Assignments

Teachers can add 3rd party resources into class assignments, so pupils and students have all the resources they need.

Improved IT Control

Staff who administer the Teams can provide permission for third party apps and enable and disable private chat and class assignments.

So you can always create a safe and secure environment for the organisation you are working in.

Rich Profiles now available in Outlook for Windows

To enhance the connectivity with your colleagues, Microsoft have now made more information accessible, including relevant files, conversations and group membership.

This is accessed by tapping into the Microsoft Graph.


Try Office 365 today and see the benefits that it can bring to the way your business operates.

Contact us for more details.


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