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Are you moving to a new location? 10 technology essentials to consider!

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Sometimes it’s time for a change.  A change for the better and an opportunity to expand, or even a chance to reduce the monthly costs.

It’s not an easy decision, as with any move, it brings about a lot of planning and decision making.

So, why move to a new location?

  • More internal space
  • A better location
  • Improved parking facilities
  • Lower rental costs
  • A fresh start

So if you’re about make the move or in the process of making the plans, what are the top ten things you should consider?

  1. Business connectivity. Look at how your business will stay connected throughout the move so you can stay in touch with your business partners, customers and suppliers.
  2. Managing costs. Moving locations can be a strain on business finances, as it’s inevitable that there are going to be costs associated with this.  How are you paying for your telephone system?  Are you paying by user or outright?
  3. How are you going to receive customer calls?  The best choice here would be to switch to SIP for your lines where possible, as the ISDN will be switched off.  This helps with the porting of your telephone numbers to the new location and it also aids cost reduction.
  4. Fix IT issues before you move. Moving offices is stressful enough.  Don’t take problems with you.  Fix IT and communication issues before you pack up and it’ll be a huge weight from your mind.
  5. Will your Wi-Fi connection remain? Ensure your staff remain flexible in the move and productivity levels remain the same.
  6. Capitalise on a fresh approach. With a move comes a fresh approach, so make sure you are able to capitalise on new ways of working with new communication tools and IT systems that enhance the new start for the business.
  7. Adding new employees needs to be simple. If you are making new additions to your team, make sure the systems you have in place make that an easy process.
  8. Is your data protected? Back up your data, so if anything is lost in the move, your biggest business asset is protected.
  9. Is it time for an upgrade to your telephone system? You can always move your existing telephone system, but sometimes it is time for a change and an opportunity to add new features.
  10. Don’t forget about connectivity! It is so important, we thought we would remind you again.  Get a quote on leased lines and other connectivity options before you make the move.



Fifteen Group can assist with every aspect of making sure the move goes as smoothly as possible.

“We are very pleased with the way that the whole job has been managed, in particular the install of the IT network by Fifteen Group. From the first design brief and meetings that we had with you, your team and EBS through to the final install of the end equipment everything was superbly executed and I would like to pass on our thanks to you and your team for a job very well done.”

Tony Wintrip, CHS Healthcare

With our full range of connectivity, data cabling, digital transformation and telecommunications services, you can be assured that everything is taken care of throughout the move, so your business always stays Smarter through Technology.

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