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IT Systems for a Flexible Workforce

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Organisations that are able provide a flexible approach to their workforce find that they’re able to unlock the true potential of their employees.

This approach requires a solid IT infrastructure that is able to support that flexible workforce.

Don’t let a lack of IT expertise affect productivity and efficiency

IT systems that support a more flexible approach are:


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD):


  • Also known as Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT), it is a term that is used to describe the practice of allowing employees to use their own consumer devices to access business or company data.
  • It can be anything from being able to access email via a personal smartphone, or viewing company documents via a mobile device.
  • IT departments are often unequipped with the newest and most up to date devices when compared with the employees, so in effect a company can often be playing catch up.
  • Some organisations eliminate their BYOD policies altogether and provide their own hardware with the relevant company and security software installed.

Cloud Systems:


  • Having connectivity anywhere means cloud computing is as important as ever. If your IT services are based at your business premises, combine cloud computing with your traditional IT infrastructure to create an IT model that is best for your workforce.
  • Cloud systems include: Data Backup & Recovery, Email services, Desktop applications, Email Protection, Web Protection, Disaster Recovery and Virtual Servers
  • They provide automatic data backup, store company data on servers and over a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • They create an ability to work from any location with increased flexibility to expand and adapt to your company’s changing needs.


IT Security:

The security of your network and your data is vital to your business and your clients. Ensure you invest in the latest security systems to maximise security.

  • Antivirus: The latest Antivirus and Malware solutions with intelligent monitoring.
  • Firewalls: Both software and hardware firewall systems that prevent unauthorised access.
  • Intrusion Detection: These are systems that monitor your network to prevent and alert to unauthorised access.
  • Access Control: Systems to restrict users access to data that they are authorised to view.

Remote Access to Office Applications:


  • Office 365 is a simple and cost effective way to get a powerful range of cloud office services for your flexible workforce.
  • Work across multiple devices and improve the productivity within your workforce.
  • Applications include Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access.


Secure Access to Data:

  • Even though your data may be stored securely, make sure access to that data is secure.
  • Password protection enables your users to operate securely when on the move.
  • Some organisations have in place rigorous authentication processes that operate a two step process – a password and a separate identification that needs to be required. This can be through a text or an email to verify your identity.




Fifteen Digital offer a comprehensive range of IT services.


For more information on adapting your IT Systems to your flexible workforce, speak to a member of Fifteen Digital on 01782 326 644.

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