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Introducing the Lone Workers Smart Safety App

In partnership with MisentinelSOS, we’re proud to introduce our Lone Workers Smart Safety App – a simple solution to ensure the safety of lone workers.

Safety and security in the workplace are fundamental rights that we should all be entitled to, whether you work within a large organisation surrounded by your colleagues or whether you work alone onsite, during out of normal office hours or on a night shift.

At Fifteen Group, we believe that the safety and wellbeing of lone workers is paramount, and through our Alarm Receiving Centre we aim to provide assurance and peace of mind to those working alone. Using the ARC, lone workers can access support from responsive professionals who can provide swift assistance in the event of emergency.

We’ve partnered with MisentinelSOS to provide another layer of support: the Lone Workers Smart Safety App. The app is a simple, intuitive and user friendly solution that can be accessed through all standard digital devices, and includes features such as …

  • Location tracking with real-time GPS that allows us to locate lone workers in an emergency.
  • Panic and Fall Alerts that notify the ARC of potential incidents or emergencies in real time.
  • Incident Timelines that log incident records for data protection and reporting purposes.
  • Two-Way Communication through the integration of text, audio & video to ensure direct contact with the ARC.
  • 24/7 Monitoring with Automated and timed safety check calls via push notifications.

Using the Lone Workers Smart Safety App, users can access fast and reliable support when flagging an issue, and can also rest assured that ARC staff are monitoring interactions in case of an emergency that they’re unable to report themselves.

To learn more about the ARC or the Lone Workers Smart Safety App, get in touch.

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