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Introducing our new technology partner – Siklu

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Fifteen Group works with technology partners that enable us to bring high quality licensed products to a technology solution that always makes organisations Smarter through Technology.

Who are Siklu?

Siklu are a leading vendor specialising in Gigabit wireless back haul solutions in the 60,70 and 80 GHz millimetre wave bands.


So, what can Fifteen Group now offer the marketplace?

  • High capacity and cost effective site to site voice and data links
  • Gigabit capacity through millimetre wave radios, operating in the 60,70 and 80 GHz bands. A licenced spectrum/exclusivity/dedicated frequency
  • Frequencies that are ideal for dense, licence free congested areas i.e, towns and
  • cities
  • Reduced interference, channel hopping and increased data throughput


Fibre performance or wireless flexibility? 

Now you can have both.

In the old wireless world, capacity was limited and spectrum was often congested or expensive.  With this partnership with Siklu, we can now roll out a point to point/building to building service that is faster, flexible and at an unbeatable price/megabit.


Wireless Connectivity for Security Networks

As security networks grow in size and complexity, their wireless backhauling solutions are increasingly challenged by highly congested spectrum and limited bandwith.

  • Street Level

Etherhaul – 600T.  Palm sized radios that can be installed on poles, traffic lights and building sides.


  • Rooftop Aggregation.

Etherhaul – 1200.  Gigabit throughput for aggregation of multiple back haul data links.


Got two buildings with a clear line of sight?

Want to make a one off investment?

View case studies featuring Abertay University and Aberdeen Harbour.


Talk to Fifteen Group today about site to site solutions for your business.

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