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Why Innovative Technology should always be on the QSR Menu

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Technology plays a key role in the growth of a QSR franchise.  Customer expectations have to be understood, met, and exceeded.  Adopting the right technology makes all this possible.

Customer expectations are driven by technology. They expect to be able to order the food of their choice to eat in or takeaway quickly, efficiently through a means that is convenient to them and without issue. Brands operating in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) sector have to anticipate consumer needs according to demand, season and their personal preferences amid a continually changing environment.


Mobile App Technology

Apps not only give consumers the convenience of being able to order from their mobile devices, but they allow an organisation to delve deeply into the customer analytics providing a more personalised experience for their customers.  Marketing communications and unique marketing campaigns can be tailored around this detailed data which focuses on particular product successes, what individuals are ordering and when they order it, together with their personal information.

Apps seamlessly integrate with PoS technology and online ordering systems, creating a wealth of data for organisations to gain a clear and accurate understanding of consumer behaviour.


Orders and Delivery

Digital and automated ordering platforms help to meet demand and increase sales.  Technology enables consumers to move through the system quickly, especially during peak times.  Touch point ordering is fast, easy to use and meets demand in those busy periods.  Fulfilling orders leads to complete customer satisfaction.  Technology is always creating new opportunities, especially in densely populated areas, where drone technology is being researched and developed to deliver orders.

Utilising multiple technologies enables the ordering process to be faster and more efficient. Team members can be re-deployed to other areas of the store to assist in value adding activities.


Suppliers and Inventory Tracking

Individual stores need to continually monitor stock levels, based on real time sales data.  Many inventory tracking technologies help to reduce food waste and better track, re-stock and manage inventories.  Technology creates the means to navigate through the supply chain to maximise efficiencies and reduce the chance of downtime.


Strong and Reliable Network Foundations

To embrace the multitude of new technologies, QSRs must ensure their networks are able to cope with the demand.  An efficient network should be able to support solutions and ensure they operate at peak times without issue.

The foundations need to be right for both customer facing and back office operations as well as for seizing new opportunities.  Onsite, cloud and networking technologies helps QSRs to build organisations of the future.


In-Store Technology

For consumers who choose to dine in regularly, they benefit from a wealth of technologies that enhance their dining experience.  From CCTV that provides a secure setting, speedy ordering and reliable Wi-Fi, technology also plays an integral role in ensuring that, no matter how the customer orders and where they choose to consume their food and drink, technology constantly creates a positive experience they wish to repeat again and again.


Technology will continue to shape the QSR industry and even as external influences change the way we, as consumers, want to order our food and drink, the industry will be able to adapt quickly to change by staying at the forefront of innovative technology.

Fifteen Group work with a number of franchise owners across the UK ensuring the different technologies are there to support growth and the needs of the franchise, both from an operational level and ensuring they are able to customer demand and expectation.

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