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We’re improving operational efficiencies across the Quick Service Restaurant Industry

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They used to be known as fast food restaurants, now commonly referred to in the industry as Quick Service Restaurants.

The collective name may have changed, but the demand for quick service, multiple food choices, and the desire to order by various means, has meant their presence throughout the UK has only increased. 

The technical challenges operating a high number of franchised Quick Service Restaurants and Coffee Shops across a wide geographical area, whilst also having a focus on growth, can be immense.

  • New store openings
  • Multiple suppliers
  • Refurbishments
  • Different technologies
  • Technical problems
  • Accessible technical support


All of which can affect the operations and ultimately the profitability of individual stores.  Having the operational capabilities to meet consumer demand is essential in today’s competitive marketplace.

We work with a number of franchise owners who face these challenges, so we provide a technical support service that enables them to meet those challenges – head on.


What are the operational challenges faced by your franchise? 

Even where we haven’t installed a specific aspect of instore technology, we can still support it. 

Here are the five most common areas we support stores across the UK with:

Broadband.  We frequently liaise with BT in order to resolve issues with the broadband service, taking the frustration and stress away from store members.

Tills.  Problems can be encountered with particular promotions the store is running, or there may be issues with the wiring.

Card Machines.  Stores can experience problems with taking contactless payments, payments in general or a poor connection to the server.

Kiosks.  Menus not syncing with the kiosk displays, orders placed via the kiosks unable to communicate to the kitchen screens, problems with payments and promotions not featuring on the kiosks themselves, are all issues that are resolved by our support desk. 

Back of House Software and Laptop Problems.  For KFC and Taco Bell stores, where team members are unable to access portals or the systems have not been updated accordingly, we liaise with a third party as well as the head office for full resolution of these issues.  Where laptops are used, to deliver training for example, problems can occur with connecting to printers, or with the laptop’s memory.


One franchise owner of KFC Stores across the North West and who benefits from the technical support Fifteen Group provides says:

“I’m only hearing good things. The stores are impressed with how we are taking their issues away from them and following it through”

Every individual store that we work with has unique access to our support desk.  A facility that enables store members to access technical support whenever it is needed.  Every time a store comes on board with Fifteen Group, they receive support stickers which they can conveniently place around the store, featuring a unique email address and phone number for full technical support desk access, from 8am until midnight, 7 days a week, 363 days a year.


We have a full understanding of the industry and a fully managed client support desk that quickly resolves issues, keeping disruption to the store’s operations to a minimum.

The technical support we provide never waivers.

That’s why we’re improving operational efficiencies across the Quick Service Restaurant Industry.

Simple, effective and efficient solutions from Fifteen Group.


View our video.   Read about our solution.



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