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How Education Providers can Invest in Technology and Manage their Budget

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When it comes to managing any type of budget, one of the key ways to save money is to invest the cash you do spend wisely.

It’s no secret that schools are facing severe financial pressures.

Yet the demands on resources are greater than ever.

*Studies show total school spending per pupil in England has fallen by eight per cent in real terms between 2009–10 and 2017–18, mainly driven by cuts to local authority services budgets and school sixth-form funding.

In today’s education sector, we can all agree there is no room for impulse buying. But the current funding climate has left teachers and governors battling with the dilemma of putting spending on hold at the risk of damaging performance and long-term success.
It’s a fine balance – and with more than 17 years’ experience supporting schools and colleges it is a predicament Fifteen Group understands. We aim to assist education providers by removing cost barriers and opening up affordable technology solutions that offer room for growth.

Stay Up To Date

Keeping up with the latest technology is essential in any organisation. It ensures efficient working and streamlines interaction internally and externally.
Failing IT systems can have a direct impact on educational aims and objectives.
At Fifteen Group we can meet the challenge of adapting IT capabilities to a constantly changing environment, identifying potential cost savings along the way.

Manage Risk

Just as technology weaknesses in a factory can result in expensive production down-time, so too can IT issues disrupt valuable learning experiences in an educational environment.
Fifteen Group offers access to a complete team of experts without the cost of running a full in-house department. We know the pressure points to look out for, running checks on your systems to solve issues before they become a problem. And we can provide the anti-virus software needed to keep networks secure.
Outsourcing IT support removes the hassle and responsibility of maintaining systems as well as the time and effort of employing more staff directly.

Enjoy Value for Money

With three levels of support, the packages we offer at Fifteen Group are designed to give clients complete control of their IT budget.
Options include remote and on-site technical support as well as engineer visits, server management and software supply – simple and effective solutions to ensure systems are working efficiently. Each package can be tailored to suit current and future needs, as well as complement existing in-house arrangements.

All of our services promise complete reliability and relevancy so schools and colleges don’t pay for anything they don’t need.

Education leaders and decision-makers need meaningful support to make ends meet. Taking a smart approach to maximising investments is a way forward when at first glance, budgets only seem to hold schools and colleges back.




At Fifteen Group, we see no reason why students and staff should pay the price for a funding shortfall.




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