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Hosted Vs On Premises Communications. Which is really cheaper?

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Has all the talk of the ISDN switch off got you thinking about hosted or on premises systems?


ISDN is being switched off in 2025

We hope so, because it’s definitely worth thinking about.


Not just because businesses have to move over to an IP based telephone system, but because there are 2 options available – hosted or on site communications systems.

If you are considering a hosted system, here a few myths that may make you change your mind …


Monthly leasing of a hosted system is cheaper

This may appear a low cost option, however – mid term recurring costs (2+ years) can cost considerably more and at the end of the contract, you have nothing to show for your investment.


Paying per month is easier on business cash flow

To a certain extent it is and many businesses prefer this but on-premises solutions are available in a number of ways including fixed term leasing options before ownership.


Hosted calls can be cheaper

Calls to other hosted users on the same network may be offered at low or no cost but this is a pence per minute saving and does not include the high cost of the network required to support a hosted system.


No upfront costs with Hosted

The vast majority of new hosted solutions require the cost of handsets and are rarely 100% Opex based costs.


Having the right phone system matters because the customer experience matters …

So yes, it is about the cost to the business and what is most effective over the long term but we should never lose sight of the fact that it’s not about you, it’s about your customers.  Choosing the right communications system is integral to the level of service your customers receive.




Your business is judged on a daily basis.  If your response rates are not up to scratch, your customers will take their custom elsewhere.

Many hosted systems are low on telephony features, which can have a direct impact on how the company is perceived by customers.  Even basic poor voice quality from a hosted solution with an insufficient network can be enough to damage your professional company image.

Along with cost, these need to be taken into consideration too.


The SV9100 System

An on-premises system like the SV9100 system increases customer service levels.




  • Find the person the customer needs to speak to. This can be done quickly, using the InUC Presence feature


  • Greet your callers by name. Screen pops & CRM integration with MyCalls Operator Console & MyCalls Desktop make this possible.


  • Deliver multimedia Multimedia queuing delivers all communications to your in the familiar way that calls are delivered and prioritised


  • Take seamless credit card With PCI compliancy and with MyCalls Call Recorder


  • Keep your customers satisfied with the Callback This means customers who are unable to hold can leave a message and receive a call back


  • Callers experience a quicker and more efficient All made possible with Skills-based routing.



Have a system that is designed for real people and real business which gets the team working from day one.


So, when it comes to choosing the next communications system for the business, make the right choice.


We’re here to help you ensure any investment that is made is worth making.

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