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Getting the most from your Managed IT Services Provider?

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Don’t worry, you’re not alone, but since Managed IT Services are an integral part of SMBs, it’s essential that a business is able to get the most out of their provider of choice, in order to manage the technology systems effectively.


Establish a relationship 

Get to know your Managed IT provider and build a long-lasting relationship with them.  The more they know about your business and its systems, the more likely they’ll be able to advise and get to the problems before they become urgent issues.


Treat your Managed IT support provider like a part of your team

As the relationship builds, treat them as an integral part of your team.  Working together and in sync will help to get the most from any managed service they provide.


Be clear about your expectations

Every business has different needs and expectations.  Some can’t afford any downtime due to system failure or technical issues and others can cope if things are down for an hour or so.  The nature of the business will determine the impact any downtime has.  Be clear about what you need and want from any support and the provider can align the type of service you receive, along with any costs, accordingly.  In turn your managed services provider should take the time to gain a greater understanding of what levels of support you need when they onboard the business over.


Let them monitor your systems

Managed IT Service Providers are routinely able to remotely monitor and manage systems 24/7.  They can alert the team before a problem or issue turns into a disaster.  If your provider doesn’t currently offer this, enquire further. 24/7 monitoring and management minimises the impact of potential downtime and resolves problems quickly and efficiently.


Find someone with experience in your industry and with your systems

Have a provider who has direct experience with your industry together with knowledge of the hardware and software the business uses.


Have a Managed IT Provider that is proficient in remote support

Over 90% of IT support issues can be resolved over the phone or online.  An IT support provider that offers 24/7 remote monitoring and management is cost effective because of the quick response time.


Know your options

Do you want hourly IT Support or a Managed IT Services Agreement?  Look at your IT requirements and decide which is best for you.  Hourly IT Support can become very expensive when you frequently experience IT issues.  A Managed Services Agreement can remove any ‘unexpected costs’ and allow for better budgeting.


Managed IT Services are an integral part of what we do at Fifteen Group, because we not only deliver technology solutions that make businesses Smarter through Technology, we ensure they stay that way.


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