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Five minutes with … Paul Williams

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Here’s our first in a series of new features called: ‘Five Minutes with,’ where we spend some time with a different member of the Fifteen Group team to find out more about the person behind the title.

This time it’s our IT Support Engineer Team Leader Paul Williams’ turn. Paul assists Mark Adams with managing our team of SME engineers who go out on site and support our customers with their IT systems.


Tell us about yourself?

 I’m 36, married and live in Cheadle with our two beautiful daughters, who are two and five. I’ve been with the company for around 2 years but I’ve known one of our directors Mark Adams for years so have always known about the company.


What did you do before you joined our team?

I joined Fifteen Group last year but have always worked in IT, after gaining an IT degree at Staffordshire University. As part of my degree I did an IT related placement at Blythe Bridge High School, where I later went to work as a Senior Engineer. I’ve also worked at the City Learning Centres in Stoke and at Entrust so much of my career has been spent managing and supporting IT in education, which really helps in this role due to the broad range of systems utilised by schools.


What’s a typical day like?

Controlled chaos – no only kidding, it’s great. We’re always busy and it’s always varied. I’ve had previous roles where the days have really dragged but it’s not like that at all here. There’s a great family atmosphere and we all support each other.


Tell us something about you that nobody else knows.

That’s really tough. I’m an open book with no filter so everybody probably knows everything about me already.


Do you have any hobbies?

I’m a Stoke City supporter and up until this last season I had a season ticket but I’ve not renewed this time as I just wasn’t enjoying it so this year I’m going to pick my matches.  I love eating out, spending time with my lovely family and of course like most people, holidays.


What is your favourite book and film?

I’m not much of a reader. I did buy Peter Crouch’s book and am about two thirds of the way through it which has taken me ages but I’m hoping to finish it on holiday later this year.

In terms of films, it’s a bit leftfield but it’s Get Him to the Greek, with Russell Brand who plays a drunken lothario – it always makes me laugh!


What’s your favourite place?

Anywhere hot. We went to the Maldives for our honeymoon which was absolutely perfect but not really a place for kids. Later this summer we are going to Menorca!


What are you most proud of?

Both girls. I’m really proud of them and seeing them develop and grow is a good place to be.


What is your ambition?

I’m happy with my career. For me it’s about maintaining a work life balance and Fifteen Group is a great place to work for that. I work to live, not live to work and I just want to maintain that. Life is all about friends and family and spending as much time with them as you can.


To find more you can go to www.fifteengroup.co.uk call 01782 326444 or email info@fifteengroup.co.uk


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