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Fifteen Group is the new IT partner to Anytime Fitness

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We are thrilled to announce that we’re now the preferred IT provider to Anytime Fitness sites across the UK.


This is our most ambitious client acquisition to date, further broadening our portfolio of leading brands and increasing Fifteen Group’s growth as we move into a new calendar year.


Anytime Fitness is experiencing an exciting period in the brand’s growth, and we’re looking forward to working with teams across the franchised UK sites.


We pride ourselves on delivering technology solutions to a very high standard, which includes technical assistance across the individual gyms.


As new sites are set up and established ones access our service desk support, we’ll ensure minimal impact of any technical issues and the maintenance of maximum operational efficiency at all times.


At Fifteen Group, we understand that Anytime Fitness Gyms and other franchise led businesses have a primary focus of providing an optimised experience for the customer.  Our partnership, providing technology solutions, means they can continue this focus, as we ensure they’re always Smarter through Technology.

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