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Don’t switch off your customers this Christmas

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If you’re planning to have a break from work this Christmas, it probably can’t come soon enough!


Many of us are waiting for the much anticipated moment when you can put the out of the office on, log off the computer and start the festivities.


So, with the email covered, what about your phone system?


It’s often overlooked or put to one side on the list of the priorities but depending on the nature of your business or people opting to work between Xmas and New Year, customers may still call you.


So, before you officially switch off, these are some points to consider for your phone system:


  • Reprogram your phone system to accommodate re-routing of calls
  • Switch the phone system to night service with a specific greeting
  • Re-record your day to day out of hours phone message, so customers gain a clear understanding of when the office will be open again


So, when you switch off this Christmas, make sure you’ve haven’t switched off your customers.


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