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Don’t be squeezed by the planned broadband and call price rises

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If your business, like many at the moment are feeling the squeeze on cash flow, then BT’s planned price rises for 2018 won’t come as good news.  Lines, calls and broadband make up a large part of any business’ infrastructure and allow them to operate efficiently and effectively.

BT Price Rises

When was the last time you evaluated how much you spend on broadband, lines and calls?

Take the time to look at how much you’re paying on a monthly basis and across the entire year.  You’ll be much better equipped to be able to make cost reductions.

Paying a fair price as well as being able to readily access technical support when it’s required is critical to your entire business broadband and calls package.  Slow or intermittent broadband is the cause of workplace productivity dips and can increase the levels of frustration felt by many employees.

Talk to Fifteen Group today.  We provide a full range of voice and connectivity services together with the support our customers have come to rely on.

We’ll beat any price rises you may be experiencing and provide advice and support all as part of the broadband and calls package.

Speak to a member of Team Fifteen on 01782 326 644

Always making businesses Smarter through Technology.


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