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Connect your team, connect your customers

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We all live in a world where, when we need to know something, we expect to be able to access that information immediately.

The way we work is different, whether it be:

  • Remotely or at home
  • At on site premises
  • On the road

Budgets and investments lie at the core of any business, so it’s vital you’re able to make the right investment at the right cost.

The way we do business and the way we communicate has changed, but is your business able to keep up with this ever increasing demand for mobility and flexibility of communications?

A communications system many of our customers use to their advantage, is NEC’s SL2100, because it gives the right value for money and provides many of the benefits businesses are looking for, when looking to make that investment.

So what are the benefits you can expect to gain from a system like NEC’s SL2100?

  1. Lower your costs. This is a powerful communications system for a small business budget.  Enjoy high ROI right from day one.
  2. Increase productivity. With a sophisticated solution, comes a simple to use system.  It connects your team and your customers.  From mobile handsets to smartphone SIP apps, you can be connected from anywhere.  The InApps portfolio are already on-board with no extra PC server required and can be simply be activated with licences.
  3. Excellent home-working capabilities. Reduce travel time and costs with greater flexibility for key employees.  Use a desktop phone or softtop phone at a remote or home office location to communicate with customers and colleagues as if you are in the office.
  4. Future proof your business. This system provides value for money and is tailored specifically to your needs.  There are multiple built in features with less licences, less hardware and less extras to pay for.  The SL2100 grows with your business, making cost effective and scalable incremental upgrades.
  5. Improve customer service. The auto attendant feature means that callers receive a greeting and are routed to the correct department.  With Caller ID, the appropriate greeting can be given and familiar numbers can be directed to the relevant colleague.
  6. Track your team’s call activity. With an InReports wallboard, call stats including missed calls, are updated in real time.  A call centre using MyCalls Call Manager can see greater detailed call activity, statistics and alerts.
  7. Stay contactable from anywhere on site. With InUC, users can update their presence status, so other users can see if they’re out to lunch or on annual leave.  Chat also allows instant communications between team members.
  8. Protect against Telephone Fraud. InGuard Toll Fraud defence protects against potentially huge company losses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  9. Remain reachable on the road. Be on the road and stay in complete contact with the office.  With a single number reach on the ST500 mobile app or Mobile Extension, no important calls are missed.
  10. Reach crucial business decisions faster. The Conference feature allows a virtual meeting for colleagues to be set up at short notice, wherever they are.  This enables faster business decisions, as well as saving travelling time and expenses.  Built in Audio Conferencing saves travel and hotel costs.


From 5-100 users, the SL2100 revolutionises the way a small business operates.  Create a positive experience for your customers and transform the internal operations.

All from one single system.

We partner with NEC to provide our clients with the very best in communications solutions. 

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