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Cloud Solutions. The possibilities are endless.

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Embrace cloud solutions and you’re embracing new ways of working.


Say goodbye to traditional IT.


Say hello to digital transformation.


SAGE states that 60-70% of software services and tech spend will be cloud based by 2020, but some companies are still slow in adopting the new technology.

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services that encompasses:

  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Databases
  • Networking
  • Software
  • Analytics
  • Intelligence


With a wealth of benefits, are you thinking about making the change?

Larger organisations have been using the cloud for years to gain scalability and to be able to capture new business opportunities without making additional investments in IT staff and equipment.


Smaller businesses are slow to get off the mark.




They’re not always aware of where to begin or what the real benefits that they can expect to receive.


So, lets look at the bigger picture.


If we all ran businesses in the same way, all of the time, everything would start to stagnate.

Technology drives customer expectations, so it’s vital we adopt the technology too.

Today’s workforce demands more flexible ways of working and we, as organisations need to be able to have teams that can adapt, react quicker to changes and have the right tools to continually improve and enhance the customer experience.


What are the benefits of cloud solutions?

Agility and flexibility.  To digitally transform, computing power, storage and a robust IT infrastructure all increase with cloud-based technology.  Fostering agility and flexibility.

A reduction in operating costs.  An organisation only pays for whatever resources are used, making it a cost effective option.

Security.  This is maximised with the adoption of cloud solutions, where multiple back-ups can be created and the chance of loss of data is minimised.

Innovation.  With the ease of experimentation, multiple applications on different platforms, cloud solutions encourage and foster innovation and continuous improvement.

Collaboration and creativity.  A culture of innovation and creativity is essential when harnessing digital transformation and that is made more possible when teams can collaborate and get together wherever they are in the world.


So, where do you start?


Fifteen Group are the IT partner of choice for many businesses across a wide variety of sectors, supporting their IT infrastructure so they remain Smarter through Technology.


We’re here to help, and to answer your questions.

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