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Cloud based solutions in the legal sector. Stay nimble, stay secure.

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Technology enables digital transformation and as with any sector, cloud based solutions form the foundations of this process.


In the legal sector there are a number of barriers preventing this process from happening but with the adoption of cloud solutions comes a shift in culture.


Keeping on top of heavy process documentation is becoming more of a challenge.


Traditional methods simply can’t deal with the volume of data requiring management and organisation.


Firms in the legal sector must be able to complete transactions without failure and protect their organisations against unpredictable threats such as power outages and ransomware, while still promoting collaboration, document control and practice management.


Migrating to cloud based services to meet client demands is easy and incredibly cost effective.


Meeting client demands, keeping information safe and following regulations are all ways in which cloud solutions are helping law firms.



Top 5 challenges faced by legal firms


  • Data analysis

Law firms use data either to prove a point in litigation or to identify problems before they become legal issues.  The majority of this information is now stored in electronic form, and sifting through it has become more complex.


  • Compliance with data privacy regulations

Adhering to GDPR is the law and companies have a duty to ensure they store data securely and safely.


  • 24/7 availability

Legal services are transactional by nature, so IT availability is vital.  Law firms must also protect their organisations against unforeseen threats such as power outages, ransomware and other malicious attacks


  • Disaster recovery and business continuity protection

Firms in the legal sector need secure, reliable and compliant disaster and business continuity protection


  • Doing more with less

Technologies that allow for such features as remote conferencing and client portals can help lower costs all around


Why cloud solutions?


Be Flexible

Working with a cloud service provider eliminates worries about limited resources, housing servers and hardware, updating software and data protection.  Make it easy to add and change services as needs and requirements fluctuate.


Cost savings

Cloud services provide servers and infrastructure, allowing firms to update their architecture without significant investment in equipment.


IT staff availability

Cloud computing frees IT resources for other tasks, because a cloud service provider takes care of regular maintenance and updates, as well as security checks and procedures.




Streamlining collaboration between legal firm staff and clients means that important documents can be viewed wherever individuals are in the world.



The cloud provides virtually unlimited data storage capabilities, growing as the need for more storage grows.



Cloud services offer more effective management of software licenses through on demand software (SaaS) and timely, centralised updates.  If your servers go down, you not only lose revenue and data but trust is a major factor, which can also be affected.



Cloud services provide more consistent security compliance than standalone systems can realistically provide


Disaster recovery

Data, applications, even entire data centres can be restored in minutes from the cloud.



We can combine cloud based solutions with your traditional IT infrastructure to create an IT model that is best for your business.


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