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You can’t manage what you don’t measure – how does your telephone system compare?

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The telephone system can be a victim of neglect in a business today.

The telephone is vital.

It helps build rapport and relationships.

It ensures that nothing is lost in translation!

It helps close that deal.

A telephone system is something which can be overlooked and fail to be factored in when improvements are being made to the way we run our businesses or individual departments.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How much does a missed call cost your business?
  • Do you measure the performance of your calls?
  • Do you measure the performance of your staff on the telephone?
  • Are you aware of what your closure rate is?
  • Do you take orders or give advice over the telephone?


You can’t, after all, manage what you don’t measure!


Food for thought ….

If you are missing just 4 calls per day with an average order value of £100, and your closure rate is 1 in 4, then an inefficient phone system could be costing your business £2000 per month.


An efficient telephone system isn’t just for businesses.  We serve a variety of sectors including the healthcare sector, which as you would expect, the telephone is an integral communications channel for patients, professionals and their partners alike.


The frustrations that not enough phone lines or an inefficient telephone system can create are:

  • Getting an engaged tone
  • A phone constantly ringing out
  • Getting through to an answering machine
  • Too many options
  • Being put on hold even after the options have been selected


Constantly getting an engaged tone or being on hold for more than a few minutes is frustrating.  It is a huge negative and no matter what sector you’re operating in, it can alter a person’s perception of the service you’re providing, considerably.


Telephone systems need to be driven by your customer’s needs and they should be able to adapt to changes within your organisation easily and effectively.


You may require extra phone lines if:

  • Your business has grown and changed over the last couple of years
  • The technical nature of the products or services has altered, which in turn can increase the amount of telephone contact your customers may require.
  • Staff members have increased


With our bespoke communications solutions, Fifteen Digital can save customers up to 50% on calls and line rental, so there really is never a better time to enquire about extra phone lines, or a review of your telephone system.

Contact us now for more information.





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