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Can your business support this new reality?

Work is an activity that we do, not a place where we go.


It’s an important point to remember when we’re trying to grapple with the current situation.


Those that are used to working from home have pushed the boundaries of where, when and how they work.


Then at times like this, where the boundaries have been pushed, it has equipped many companies with the resource and know-how to be able to effectively work from anywhere.


To be successful in this virtual environment, employees need to have access to business data and applications and to have advanced communications tools and increased collaboration spaces, which allow their colleagues and customers to communicate effectively on any device and any network.


Ask yourself where do I or my colleagues need to be to get the job done?


Some employees thrive in a flexible, open environment that lets them collaborate with their colleagues, partners and customers.  Sharing information across geographic and organisational boundaries.  Others struggle with the situation, especially when not having the right technology in place.


Bring your Own Device (BYOD)


Although up to 75% of organisations supply a proportion of their employees with smartphones and/or tablets, it’s rare that a company provides mobile devices for the entire workforce.

Increasingly, employees are relying on their personal smartphones and tablets to conduct business outside of ‘normal’ business hours or from remote locations during the typical working day.


Cloud Based Tools


Presence and instant messaging.  Makes it easy for users to see whether a colleague is available for a chat, then instantly sends a message.


Voice and video.  93% of communicating attitude and feelings is from non-verbal cues, making video calling invaluable.


Unified Messaging.  Mobile users need access to emails, voicemails and texts in the format that works best for them, depending on where they are and what they’re doing.


Desktop and application sharing. Users can collaborate on documents and web pages in real time.


Support for multiple devices.  Smartphones and tablets, desktops and laptop.


SIP Trunking extends unified communications.  For other locations that may have an on premises phone system not yet fully depreciated, this enables smart team working tools to be extended to all users across a mixed on-premises and cloud communications service estate.


Smart call routing and call handling.  As a cloud-based service, whatever device is being used, communications are tied to your business identity.  Call handling features work as usual.  For example, if a user is working remotely using a mobile device, any incoming calls can be automatically call forward from their desk phone with no disruption to the caller and without call forwarding charges.


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