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Call recording – stay compliant and improve performance

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Call recording has benefits – for the customer and the business.  Choosing the right call recording solution ensures you’re always MiFID II compliant.


It isn’t just businesses operating in the financial services that can take advantage of call recording.


Have you recently heard a customer or supplier say …


“I’ve called 4-5 times now and still no one has got back to me.”


… and when was the last time the customer was questioning something that was said?


Can you recall an incident where call recording would have been incredibly useful to resolve a dispute?


Businesses in all sectors, not just those who have to be MiFID II compliant,  can take advantage of the many benefits of call recording.  Managed via a web portal, it allows the user to record inbound or outbound calls for compliance, customer service, dispute resolution, employee training or audit purposes.


Dispute Resolution

Call recording provides an accurate record of conversations held between employees and customers.   Invaluable when settling disputes raised by customers.  Have access to a full audit trail of a recording.


Customer and Business Data

Know when customers called and what type of service they received.  Use data to continuously improve the service they’re receiving.  If you’ve given the team specific instructions around seasonal promotions, have access to calls to ensure they’re being carried out.


Industry Compliance

MiFID II regulations apply to the financial services industry specifically mandating the recording of client interactions.  Call recording now provides a compliant retention period subscription.  There are different retention options – 3mths, 6mths, 12mths, 3 yrs, 5 yrs and 7yrs with auto deletion at the end of the retention period.



With full encryption and secure storage, businesses can be assured of call recording that is secure and meets their compliance requirements.


To find out more about how call recording can help your business, get in touch. 

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