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If it’s broke, don’t JUST fix it

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We all take our IT systems for granted.

Every day we log on, open email and get started on the day’s scheduled work.

As long as everything is working as it should, why would we look to get support and assistance with it?

We take IT for granted, when it just works.  Like anything in life, we only look to get it fixed when we feel a direct impact on how we operate and how we are able to complete everyday tasks.

In short, we need to feel the pain factor in order for us to take action.


What happens when something doesn’t work?

  • Do you call an IT engineer to fix the fault?
  • Does that engineer take the time to look at the overall performance of your IT systems?
  • Do you have access to technical support quickly and with ease?

The way we use technology and how it works has a direct impact on workplace productivity, staff morale and the efficiency of business operations.

Take advantage of a full IT review.  This will highlight where your business is at risk and any areas which don’t support your company structure.  For example, if you have a proportion of the workforce that works remotely, embrace technology solutions that make this easy to control.

Update your technology.  The business can’t move forward if your technology is out of date.

Make sure you have a disaster recovery plan.  Be prepared for the unexpected and never put your entire business at risk.

Let technology enhance your business.  You may think the way you work suits the business now, but can technology revolutionise the way your employees operate and significantly improve productivity?

Get rid of the break-fix policy.  If your response to an IT issue is to pay someone to fix the fault, then you are unlikely to be getting the right support to move forward with IT.  Take advantage of Managed IT Support Agreements.  They are easier to budget for and you’ll get the right advice at the right time and not just when something goes wrong.


Fifteen Group create bespoke Managed IT Support Agreements for businesses of all sizes and all industry sectors to make them Smarter through Technology.

Our clients not only work smarter, but they see that the real value goes beyond technology.


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