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What are the benefits of SIP trunks?

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A SIP trunk connects your business directly to the Public Telephone Network via a reliable IP/broadband.  It replaces ISDN and is used as a means to deliver VoIP telephony onto a telephone system.  This is an extremely reliable way to enhance your business communications, offers reliability and saves money.

Why should you incorporate SIP trunks into your business communications strategy?

Significant Cost Savings

SIP trunks save money and are cost effective.  IP Connections are cheaper than traditional ISDN lines in terms of rental costs.

  • Make savings to landline calls, mobiles and international destinations.
  • Eliminates overlapping networks and the costs associated with them. One IP based network provides multiple digital streaming capabilities.

Unified Communications

If a fully integrated approach is in your future communication plans, then SIP trunks will fit perfectly into that strategy.  More devices can also be incorporated.  Many Unified Communications strategies are in the cloud and the use of SIP trunks are ideal for this.

Great Flexibility and Scalability

If your business experiences a period of growth, SIP trunks are easy to adjust depending on your requirements and circumstances.  If you are also considering a move to new offices, you can keep your existing telephone number structure to wherever you relocate to in the world!

Ideal for Retail

If your business experiences a surge in customer calls at certain points of the year, SIP trunks can accommodate these surges and allow the business to cope, simply by increasing and decreasing the quantity of SIP trunk channels.


Make sure your broadband connection can be dedicated or prioritised to the SIP trunk requirements, as this will ensure maximum call quality at all times.  Speak to your broadband provider for Voice over IP Prioritisation.

Safe and Secure

If SIP trunks are implemented in a correct manner, then they will be safe and secure to use.  Speak to whoever is responsible for your IT support and make sure you have adequate network security in place.

Fraud Prevention

SIP trunks are constantly monitored for unusual call activity, with daily call caps in place, which if reached disable the SIP trunks immediately.  This is in the unlikely event of any hackers gaining access to your data network to make telephone calls.

Disaster Recovery

In the event of the unexpected happening, calls can be diverted immediately or delivered immediately to another site/system, so there is no impact on business operations.  SIP trunks can be a critical part of your business’ disaster recovery plan.


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