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Always invest in a solution worth investing in

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Whatever industry you are in, you’ll be only too aware of the need to be accountable for every step of the process that your product goes through – right up to the point the customer receives it.


Track and trace solutions provide transparency and help you, as a business, to be able to put into place the correct measurements, so data can be fully utilised.


By investing in a track and trace solution, a business can adopt the capability to be able to look up where any product part has been during the manufacturing process and where it is now.

So, what are the other key benefits of a track and trace solution?


  • Helps to reinforce processes
  • Tracks products from the raw material to the finished product
  • Can obtain important information about where and how the products are made
  • Measures performance effectively
  • Paperless
  • A fully integrated solution
  • Increases efficiency and reduces costs


Having a track and trace system in place means a business can always pass on assurances to the customer and provide regular and accurate updates should this be required.


Fifteen Digital won The Lloyds Bank National Business Awards UK ‘The Vonage Business Enabler of the Year’ after working with Mercian where they invested in a system that would revolutionise the way they operated.


Being able to track a potato from the field to the end product meant they were able to improve efficiency and provide guarantees. Mercian is a key supplier of crisping potatoes to the UK industry.  They supply all major crisp manufacturers from geographical areas across the country.

Finding a way to streamline their current systems meant that Mercian can reduce the issues and risks that can occur with their suppliers.  They can also focus on profitability.

Track and trace solutions allow companies to overcome industry specific problems which helped Mercian, because farmers can submit photos which demonstrate the various stages of potato growth (including detecting blight early, which is particular issue in potato farming).  They can also use the app to include daily health and safety documentation, potato storage, transport details, invoices and much more.

The system has created partnerships across the potato supply chain with everybody operating on the platform, from farmers to logistics companies, making the supply chain more open, collaborative and productive.

By simplifying this data, Mercian are supporting to move the UK’s agriculture forward, influential government bodies including the World Health Organisation, the Technology Strategy Board and agriculture research institutes are all calling for better data in UK agriculture. Mercian now have the tool to answer the UK’s poor food supply infrastructure.

Since using Livetrace, Mercian is now 769% more efficient than its competitors based on staffing requirements alone. Mercian has a team of 7 colleagues whilst its close competitor, Cockerels has 97 staff.

Read the case study here https://www.fifteendigital.co.uk/case-studies/mercian/


For more information on revolutionising the way your organisation operates with track and trace solutions, please get in touch.

We would be happy to discuss any issues you have, and how Fifteen Digital can assist.


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