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5 Top Technology Tips to Working Remotely

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It isn’t just snow days that mean people find working remotely is necessary.  There are many other reasons why it pays to have a remote workforce.  If that workforce can operate as if they are office based, then that is an incredibly productive and flexible means by which to operate.


Truly effective remote working is all about picking the right technology and taking advantage of it.

So, what are the top 5 tips to getting it right?


Improve collaboration and productive working.

Find one piece of technology that ticks every box.  A company needs a comprehensive, cloud-based solution that protects employees’ data and devices whilst maximising productivity.


Understand best practice in data security.

Multi-factor authentication should be enabled on devices.  Choose software with built in security features.


Choose the right devices.

Identify the right devices for employees that work remotely within the business.  The devices need to offer the same performance and productivity, wherever people choose to work.  58% of UK leaders say that augmenting their workforce with technology is more important for productivity than simply automating tools.


Use a Hosted VoIP Solution.

It’s easy to set up and configure with the solutions offering mobile app client support.  Give your remote workers the option to make and receive calls from their smartphone or tablet.  Use over a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to secure their calls.


Take advantage of other technology.

Skype for Business syncs with Outlook, so it shows whether colleagues are available in meetings or on a call.  When you are office based, a colleague’s availability is easily seen and known, but it’s difficult to get the bigger picture when working remotely.  Technology that you may not have been aware of can rectify this and create clarity and ease of working remotely.


Technology solutions mean remote working can be productive, secure and collaborative, so everything works together seamlessly.

Fifteen Group work with businesses, so they can operate a remote workforce securely and efficiently.  We’re partnered with Microsoft and NEC to offer the very best in technology solutions.

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