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Experience Seamless Connectivity with SOGEA and FTTP

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

With SOGEA and FTTP, you can enjoy reliable, high-speed internet without the need for a traditional phone line.

We are here to help your business adopt the right solution now to ensure your business reaps the rewards and benefits from uninterrupted connectivity.

We will:

Deliver a consultative approach

Ensure your connectivity solution meets the needs of your business

Provide ongoing support

Experience Seamless Connectivity with  SOGEA and FTTP from Fifteen Group
“We have not had one single problem with outages or poor phone lines.

Life is definitely easier! And just to top it off our bills are much cheaper than our previous supplier, saving us money all round.”
Julie Amison, Director | Simply Rent & Wakefield Giles Property Management

What is SOGEA and FTTP?

SOGEA, which stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access, is a type of broadband connection that offers several advantages over traditional broadband services by simplifying the infrastructure required for internet connectivity. Here’s a closer look at what SOGEA is and how it can benefit your business.

FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) is the gold standard of internet connectivity, delivering fibre-optic broadband directly to your business location. Unlike traditional copper-based connections, FTTP provides unmatched speed, reliability, and performance, making it the ideal choice for modern businesses.

How can SOGEA benefit your business?

Simplified Infrastructure

No Phone Line Required
Traditional broadband often requires an active phone line. SOGEA eliminates the need for a separate phone line, offering broadband access through a single order and a streamlined setup process.

Direct Ethernet Access
It provides direct access to Ethernet services without the additional complexity of phone services.

Enhanced Efficiency and Performance

Speedy Setup
Because it doesn’t require a phone line, setting up SOGEA can be faster and more straightforward, reducing downtime and getting businesses online more quickly. FTTP ensures lightning fast uploads and downloads, making it perfect for high resolution images, videos and other large files.

Reduced Downtime
Simplified infrastructure often means fewer points of failure, leading to more reliable internet access.


Lower Costs
By eliminating the need for a separate phone line, SOGEA can reduce monthly operational costs.

Simplified Billing
One bill for broadband services simplifies accounting and reduces administrative overheads.

Flexibility and Scalability

Scalable Bandwidth
As your business grows, you may need more bandwidth. SOGEA services are typically scalable, allowing you to adjust your internet speed as needed without significant infrastructure changes.

Businesses can easily switch to SOGEA from traditional broadband, making it a flexible choice for your business needs.

Secure and Stable

Stay protected
Fibre optic connections are inherently more secure than traditional broadband, safeguarding your data and ensuring stable connections even during peak times.

Prepare for the Future

Modernise your communications infrastructure.

By planning ahead and embracing newer technologies, you can not only avoid disruption and dips in productivity, but you can also benefit from hugely improved efficiency and additional capacity.

Are you ready to level up your IT infrastructure, enhance operations and streamline your business?